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We have submitted the following letter to Scott Harrison, Pro Vice Chancellor of the Arts, Education and Law Group and South Bank Provost for Griffith University regarding the proposed closure of GUAM (Griffith University Art Museum) provided at short notice over the semester break.

We would encourgage others who are concerned about this decision to use any of the text or points we made in your own submission to:

PDF and plain text documents available for download below:

[PDF] BVAA_Mr Harrison_re proposed closure of Griffith University Art Museum
Download PDF • 1.56MB
[Plain Text] BVAA_Mr Harrison_re proposed closure of Griffith University Art Museum
Download TXT • 4KB

BVAA attended the IMA Market Day 2024! We were joined by our bestie Paul Andrew from ARI Remix and ARI support dog August. In addition we sold wares on our shared table by friends-of-the-ARI Tallara Gray, Emily McGuire and Peter Kozak. We also thank Caitlin Sheedy for putting together this fabulous event and for her ongoing support for local artists.

Paul has also written a lovely reflection on the capacity of community events like the IMA Markets to influence the future direction of the IMA:

"In my 48 years of going to the Institute of Modern Art, this annual event is a clarion reminder of the IMA at it’s very best. At the cusp of 50 year anniversary of the IMA in 2025 I hope that the non-dominant, non-elite, non-oppressive, non-lazy, non-profit, non-conservative, actively dialogic, activist-oriented, critical and community-based activity abuzz today helps to directly shape and inform a fabulous, inclusive, emotionally-intelligent and community-based future for the IMA in the next fifty years, and to help make art a little less hard than it often is for Queensland-born/Queensland-based artists..."

Thanks to Meg Keene and the IMA for these beaut images of the day <3

November 2023 saw BVAA chatting with Tallara Gray about the power dynamics in Arts Organisations. In this discussion we will talk about how power in organisational structures work, how we can reclaim and subvert power dynamics (claiming your own power) and what would a utopian arts organisation look like – how would power be exercised & distributed.

Thank you to Tallara for joining us and sharing her experiences!

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