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Why did you form an advocacy group? Isn’t there enough advocacy for the arts already? 


In response to ongoing funding decisions affecting our sector, we identified a lack of a centralised voice representing independent and artist-run visual arts activities in Brisbane. Artists and independent arts workers are often overlooked when financial decisions are being made, resulting in the industry increasingly being “cut off at the roots”. 


Our aim is to ensure appropriate investment at all levels of the Brisbane arts ecology, which includes the microcosmic, grassroots, experimental, emerging, artist-led activity that is the place where artists grow. Being that we are not formally associated with more established organisations, venues and festivals, we are able to offer birds-eye-view consultation.


How does your group work? 


We are a flexible working group of individual artists and arts workers coming together on a volunteer basis to ensure that the visual arts are represented in decisions about our sector. We meet both online and face-to-face on a needs basis. Members are able to contribute as much as their capacity allows for at the present time.


Who do you specifically represent? Do you cover performing arts?


We specifically represent the independent and artist-run sector of the visual arts. This covers multi-arts, sound art, performance art and social practice intersections, but we do not represent the performing arts, music, dance, community arts or theatre sector. However, we are always keen to hear from aligned groups to collaborate in our advocacy! 


What sort of advocacy will you engage in? 


While we have a clear focus concentrated on funding and support from governments and institutions, we are also a responsive group that is here to support the diverse needs of the sector. This might include consultation with or on behalf of the sector, surveys, resource and information distribution, upskilling, working directly with Artist-Run-Initiatives and amplifying voices from the sector. 


Who can join as a member or contribute to your Working Group? Do I have to be an artist or artsworker?


You do not have to be an artist or artsworker to join our membership or Working Group. Anyone who is interested in advocating, or learning how to advocate, for this specific area of the arts sector can become a member of, and/or contribute to, our group. 


You can sign up here and join the facebook group here.  


I’m from an established organisation but recognise our shared interests and goals for the sector as a whole. Can we connect into the conversation, sign up as members or support your group in any particular way? 


Absolutely, we value all sector support! You can sign up either as an individual or on behalf of your organisation to keep abridge of the conversation via our mailing list, or you can get in touch directly to see how we can work together. 


I’m currently running an ARI (Artist-Run-Initiative), what support can you offer us? 


The majority of our founding members are either currently involved or have been involved in running an ARI. You can sign up either as an individual or on behalf of your artist-run-initiative to keep abridge of the conversation via our mailing list. However, we’d also like to support and represent you according to your needs, so please get in touch - we’d love to hear from you! 

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