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This week, BVAA livestreamed a long-form chat with special guest Mark du Potiers, linking artist experiences of burnout with industry structures and the capitalist swamp that we are all swimming in together. Gratitude to Amelia for sorting the tech out and to Noam for hosting us and ordering pizza. And, thank you to Mark and all who joined the stream! It is available to be watched back below.

Building on Amelia's presence as a fellow art-world archivist in 2022, this year Marisa was honored to accompany Paul Andrew as a guest artist on the ARI Remix table at Brisbane Writers Festival Zine Fair! We all think Paul is the goodest of the good eggs. Not only do we share a love of hot pink, but he was instrumental in convincing Marisa that it's normal for ARI's to go dormant and be revived years later (without shame!)

ARI Remix is a ‘living archive’ as expanded internet artwork about Queensland/Australian artist-run spaces, artist-run initiatives (ARIs) and related artist groupings. As an online and offline community archive this project features the ‘at risk’ artists’ ephemera, hidden histories and marginalised stories about their unique and distinctive cultural heritage.

You can download Paul's response to the zine fair in EXTRA ZINE Issue #40 below, or view it alongside stacks of Brisbane ARI history on the ARI Remix website here.

Download PDF • 7.75MB

Images by Riculev

BVAA member Marisa has written an article for Fine Print magazine! It's all about the labour of masking in the arts industry, and how languaging this labour might help place one in solidarity with all contemporary workers who share the burdens of affective labour and the pressures to perform.

Marisa loves discussing how the production systems of the art industry affect artistic labour, and this article has a cool overview of how that happens. You can also listen to them read it with their signature cool, soothing vocal prosody.

Photograph: algal__bloom performing at Pollinator, 2020, Projection: Clunkk, Image: Meg Keene

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