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BVAA member Marisa has written an article for Fine Print magazine! It's all about the labour of masking in the arts industry, and how languaging this labour might help place one in solidarity with all contemporary workers who share the burdens of affective labour and the pressures to perform.

Marisa loves discussing how the production systems of the art industry affect artistic labour, and this article has a cool overview of how that happens. You can also listen to them read it with their signature cool, soothing vocal prosody.

Photograph: algal__bloom performing at Pollinator, 2020, Projection: Clunkk, Image: Meg Keene

In 2022, BVAA member Marisa co-authored a submission to the National Cultural Policy consultation. It was put together with a couple of their cohort in their Master of Social Work degree. A massive thanks go to the inimitable Shannon Brett and Rejen Cabilli-Hayes for their hard work on this document and getting on board with artist problems! We are certain this is the most visually pleasing document they've ever been a part of making (gratitudes to Canva) and it was sooooooo nice to advocate for turning the funding system upside down this way.

Click below to download this submission, and please plagiarise for any future advocacy you might engage in! But FYI we subsequently realised that the acronym ABI could equally refer to Artist Basic Income or the more common usage of Acquired Brain Injury so perhaps a new title is in order next time (or maybe it's perfect).

Download PDF • 1.06MB

In November, Marisa and Amelia sat behind the best tablecloth in the world to disseminate our new zine-in-the-style-of-a-pamphlet, all about where we've come from and what we plan to do now! The zine features the vibe of disco socialism and crayon self-portraits, among other ideas.

Click here for the PDF:

Download PDF • 5.24MB

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